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At ST Group, our core mission is to achieve environmental sustainability and social impact. The Family groups’ businesses are driven by a legacy of over 100 years. Today, ST group's vision is to look beyond this family legacy and leave a progressive mark by using the latest technologies to launch sustainable businesses in the future.

The Family Group has always supported a Reliable Partnership with Bankers, Vendors and Customers through established traditional businesses in Textiles, Chemicals, Sugar, Steel and Consumer products that have become successful because of their core values, thus building a strong legacy. Being a part of the family group, we at ST Group aspire to take on the leap for a better tomorrow by retaining their core values and going beyond them with modern-edge tech-oriented thinking to deliver sustainable solutions for a sustainable future.

At ST Group, our mission is not only to grow the brand but to prosper together with our customers and stakeholders by providing reliable and dependable services.

We aim to grow Sustainably.
We aspire to Succeed.
We are ST Group.
Welcome to Sanjay Technologies.

Sanjay Technologies believes that growth in the field of technology can be fostered only by technology. The prime reason why our founders are tech-savvy and encourage the implementation of the latest technology is to provide environmentally sustainable solutions that are socially impactful. We aim to go beyond promises and deliver results that have long-term benefits to our customers, vendors, investors and employees.

We are open to partnerships or tie-ups
with Foreign or Indian companies.
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Our Promise

At Sanjay Technologies, our main objective is to give our clients what they need and earn their trust by delivering uncompromised quality with timely delivery at a reasonable cost. To boost our customers' growth, we are ready to enhance our facilities thereby strengthening our business relationship.

We offer up-to-date manufacturing processes to Indian and Foreign companies in throughhole, mixed and SMD processes. Low volume to Medium volume, complex to simple assembly processes by delivering to their expectations. Box building, Product assembly and PCB repair management solutions are also being offered.

  • Enabling an efficient work environment
  • Ensuring Effective production output
  • Adopting best manufacturing practices
  • Evolving Innovative techniques & Technological upgradation
  • Achieving Continual improvement
Box Building

Box build covers everything from putting a PCBA in a simple enclosure, connecting it to a user interface and display, then to a complete machine with tens of thousands of parts and hundreds of sub-assemblies.

Sanjay Technologies' box build assembly and mechanical engineering capabilities are integral to our turnkey electronics manufacturing solutions. Complementing our PCB-level assembly services, Sanjay Technologies box build assembly services are part of a comprehensive array of electro-mechanical assembly, cabinet assembly and full system integration services.

We provide the right solutions involving the integration of assembled boards into an enclosure or a front panel assembly with a keypad display, full wire harness, connectors, and switches.

Cable and Wiring Harness

A Wire Harness, also known as a cable harness or wiring assembly, is a grouping of wires, cables, or subassemblies designed to transmit signals or electrical power.

A basic Wire Harness may include just three discrete components, while classic harnesses include many more wires and other passive, and potentially active components. The typical wire harnesses that Epec Engineered Technologies supply include dozens of wires and sometimes hundreds of different components and terminations.

Our experienced staff is available to share their expertise to develop the most efficient harness to meet your demands.

Transformer and Coil

Our comprehensive in-house capabilities allowed us to define and produce transformers and coils as per customer requirements with quality that is expected out of us at competitive prices.

Welcome to Sanjay Eco Green Power.

Sanjay Eco Green Power was started in 2015 with a Mission and Vision aimed at delivering Green Energy, Green Transportation and Green Agriculture for a Green Planet. Today, this tagline has proof of Global degradation and the urgent need for immediate implementation of it. We always aimed at providing sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow and our endeavor is never-ending.

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Our Aim

At Sanjay Eco Green Power, we imagine, innovate and implement environmentally sustainable technologies. We look to go beyond the existing business by adapting leading-edge technology that can bring forth sustainable solutions. Because we believe that is the best way forward. And by challenging ourselves, we outperform and create innovation that is ground-breaking. Our mission is to deliver excellence to our partners and support them to deliver beyond expectations.

Our Promise

Our Mission is to achieve the reputation of a quality, high-standard green energy company in the renewable energy industry.

Our Vision is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by delivering green energy services at an affordable cost.

We aim to become an entity in creating new technology-based energy solutions capable of delivering clean & sustainable energy for our consumers, with relentless efforts to keep growing and take our achievements to a higher level.

Bio Energy

We aim to produce and use biomass for fuels and energy, as regulations concerning the sustainability of biomass become more relevant. We have planned the best infrastructure, environment and ecosystem across the country for fostering and commercialising clean energy, and supporting the growth of clean tech companies.


With our world's leading wind turbine generators, we are capable of delivering enough wind power at an affordable cost to our consumers. As we move forward, we envision becoming an entity in building capacity to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions in the country with a belief to keep growing and take our achievements to the next level.

Capacity enhancement is our ultimate goal towards the contribution of reduction in carbon emission and delivering clean energy.


As an environmentally responsible organisation, we plan to contribute towards the reduction of global warming, by tapping Eco-friendly solar energy and utilising it for the generation of green energy by adopting photovoltaic technology. We also plan to collaborate with major investors in the country to promote solar power in rural and urban areas; pitch households to use the availability of solar power for their in-house power consumption.

Our growth shown below depicts our vision:

Vari Energy Private Limited is part of the ST Group's Energy Division started in 2021 to provide EV Charging Infrastructure for Green Transportation using Green Energy.

For more information please visit our website VEEVCHARGE.IN

Welcome to Sanjay Agro.

At Sanjay Agro, our mission is to go beyond food security goals, where we aim to put pesticide-free food products on the tables throughout the year thereby promoting and delivering healthy lifestyles for all our customers.

Our processes will be proof that our vegetables, fruits and seeds are grown in a sustainable way using Agrivoltaics, Green Houses, Vertical Farming, Hydroponics, etc.

We are taking a step towards a better future.

Stay tuned.


We have openings for the following positions regularly. Interested candidates can apply through the form below. Qualification should be BE EEE and DEEE and we required the candidates only from EMS or Electronics field if experienced.

  • SMD Machine Operators
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Testing & Debugging Operators
  • General Operators

We Are Happy To Help.

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